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Company's Earnings Report

Investors, analysts and anyone else interested in the company’s financial performance will find valuable information in earnings reports.

These reports provide information about the company’s revenues and profits, expenses, and future outlook. We’ll show you how to get a company’s earnings reports.

1) Establish the Reporting Schedule for Your Company

Most publicly traded companies publish earnings reports every quarter (or three months). Some companies release annual earnings reports that provide a summary on their financial performance for the previous year.

It is important to find out when a company will release its earnings report so that you are ready to access it as soon as possible.

2) Visit the Website of The Company

Many companies publish their earnings reports on their websites. You will need to go to the section “Investor Relations” and “Financial Reports” on the company’s website to find the report.

Many companies will also include a link to earnings reports in the footer or news section of their website.

3) Search the Report on Financial News Sites

If the earnings report is not available on the company’s site, you might try searching on financial news websites such as Yahoo Finance, Google Finance or Bloomberg. These websites often have the latest earnings reports of publicly traded companies.

4) Use a Financial Database

You may be able access the earnings report via a financial database like Thomson Reuters or FactSet if you are unable to locate it on the company’s website. These databases offer a wide variety of financial information, including earnings reports for a nominal fee.

5) Get in Touch With The Company Directly

If the earnings report is still not found, contact the company directly. Many companies have an investor relations department that can provide copies upon request.

You might be able find contact information for investor relations on the company website. Or you could call the main number of the company and ask to be transferred to the correct department.


These steps will allow you to view a company’s earnings reports and access the financial information that you require. Remember that earnings reports only provide information about a company’s financial performance. It is important to take into account other factors when evaluating a company’s financial health.


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